Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been extremely busy lately and I haven't had the time to do any blogging. Summer time is here and when we have any free time, we enjoy the pool. Matthew is getting too big and it makes me sad that I don't have any babies anymore. (although, they will always be my babies) I have to tell you that in my life lately everything seems confusing. I know everyone knows what happened to my brother and what my family has been dealing with lately. I can't tell you the pain that is surrounding my family. I guess I needed to vent a little and figured you guys wouldn't mind. Duirng this time, people say that, in time, it will get better. I have to disagree with that these days because it has only gotten worse. We are broken right now and wonder when then pain will lessen. I miss Hank so much and it hurts me so bad that his girls won't jave him to grow old with. Life, I have learned, is just not fair. I wonder why things happen the way they do and I know we are not supposed to question "WHY" but that question lingers in mind all the time these days. Hank's oldest daughter asked me Sunday, "Why do we have to go to the cemetary for Father's Day and visit daddy?" I had to pause and really dig deep to come up with something to tell this innocent child looking at me with such hurt. I told her that we only go out to the cemetary to take flowers to daddy. We can talk to daddy all the time in our heart, any time and any place. We have to have a place that is designated for him and for others to go take flowers and talk to him. I told her to always remember that he never leaves her heart and whenever she needs to talk to him, he is right there. She also told me that she had planned his birthday party and all the details for it. His birthday is on August 17th and she wants to have a pool party for him with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting on them. She had all the details planned for the party. I just find it so unfair that we have to continue on without him but for the sake of his girls, we have to make sure that he lives on. I know that I have taken up enough time venting and I appreciate it!!!! Thanks.......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My new toy!!!

I am so excited!! I finally got one of those nice cameras that I can capture every little thing that my boys do. I think they are loving it just as much as me. Things have been really busy and that is why I haven't been writing a lot. Two weeks ago, my dad got put into the hospital with clogged arteries in his left leg. On March 11, 2009, he had emergency surgery to unclog the arteries in his leg because it was turning black. (no blood flow) After the surgery, the arteries clogged immediately. Friday, March 13, 2009 he had another surgery to put a graph (new artery) in his leg. The graph was made out of gortex and it extended down his entire leg. We thought the problem was fixed at this point. All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he was doing wonderful. I left the hospital Sunday around 6:00 pm and came home. Approximately 9:00 PM, the doctor called and told me to come back to the hospital because his arteries were clogged again and there was nothing else they could do for his leg. It was decided the on Monday morning, March 16, 2009 he would have his leg amputated. That surgery went well and his recovery went well that day. On Thursday, March 19th, he was moved to Waccamaw Hospital to go to Rehab to learn how to do daily things on his own with one leg. (about 2 weeks)After about 3-4 months when his leg is healed, he will get fitted for a prosthetic leg. He will then go back to Rehab to learn to maneuver around on his new leg. Throughout the entire thing, he has been so positive and it amazes me to watch him with his faith. Life has been busy because I have been at the hospital everyday since it happened and I am getting tired. I miss my boys but they have been so understanding. Thanks for letting me vent a little (No kidding, a lot!!). Here are some updated pictures from my new camera.